T-CCC (Tactical Casualty Care Course)

TCCC is the standard of care in Prehospital Battlefield Medicine. The TCCC Guidelines are routinely updated and published by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC), a component of the Joint Trauma System (JTS). TCCC was designed in the mid-’90s for the Special Operations medical community. Originally a Naval Special Warfare and USSOCOM Medical Research & Development initiative, TCCC developed battlefield appropriate and evidence-based casualty care based on injury patterns of previous conflicts. The original TCCC concept and guidelines were published in a Military Medicine Supplement in 1996. The primary intent of TCCC is to reduce preventable combat death through a means that allows a unit to complete its mission while providing the best possible care for casualties. Now it is by EMS systems in the USA and Canada, Tactical Medics attached to Police Tactical Teams. This course has been changed slightly to accommodate the civilian medic, still working in a hostile environment but not as combat situation.

Participants will gain knowledge in the following areas during this 3 to 4 day course;

  • Sensory overload lab
  • Sensory deprivation lab
  • Identify Medical Fundamentals
  • Manage Hemorrhage
  • Maintain Casualty Airway
  • Manage Penetrating Chest Injuries
  • Manage Hemorrhagic Shock
  • Manage Burn Casualties
  • Perform Splinting Techniques
  • Administer Battlefield Medications
  • Perform Casualty Movement
  • Perform Combat Lifesaver Triage
  • Perform Combat Lifesaver Care
  • Starting and maintaining and IV in hostile environment
  • And a whole lot more………………….

If you are interested in this course please call for more information………..